• Jennifer BlackBarrelChips

Chunky Chunks for the BBQ kings & queens!

Thinking and planning what I want to do next takes ten times longer than it should but I've finally managed to introduce another string to the BlackBarrel bow :)

Blackbarrel Whisky Oak Smoking CHUNKS

The biggest issue we have is postage - it really ramps up the cost of my product and the reason for that is the Irish Sea. More on that another time but in the meantime, I can tell you, we've managed to find a feasible way of delivering (heavy) chunks to you in an affordable way. We are delighted with this product, not least because our testers have been raving about them. All good news on that front and I hope to be allowed to publish some of those reviews on here.

For now, please feel free to shop and come back again soon. Also, keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram where you'll find most of my updates. Purely because it's more straightforward to post on social media and I'm definitely NOT a Pro at website building.

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