• Jennifer BlackBarrelChips

Chumbawamba said it first

It may not be eloquent but its accurate! This take-on-the-world, amateur website building mum is frustrated but definitely not beaten. I honestly feel like every stereotypical turn of phrase, metaphor and naff dance move from the 80's applies to me right now because everything I manage to accomplish uncovers another hurdle!

So, today I will launch my little shop online, research new products to help with your Smoking/BBQ fun and investigate European/International postage options. I will also discuss with Facebook why my product is not age-prohibitive or in any way an alcohol or tobacco related product! Why won't they let me sell?! :( Bah!!!

Then I will make dinner, iron school uniforms, wash the floors and collapse in a heap of Sunday-night blues in front of Call the Midwife! Happy Sundays folks!

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