A Brief History : BlackBarrel Whisky Oak Smoking Chips

BlackBarrel Whisky barrels start life in the Coopers yard. They may have contained sherry, port or brandy at some stage but they all finish up containing Scotch Whisky. When they are no longer useful to the whisky distilleries of Scotland, the barrels lie, neglected, in a kind of graveyard.  Precious oak which has been infused for decades with ‘the water of life’. Too good an opportunity for us to miss!


The barrels were charred or roasted to caramelise the natural sugars in the wood and to impart a vanilla flavour into the whisky.  This blackening of the barrels acted like a carbon filter resulting in a darker whisky, a smoother dram and a name for our premium product: BlackBarrel


The Coopers skill in creating water-tight or whisky-tight barrels is made easier by their knowledge that the oak would absorb the whisky, swelling up and creating a seal, so that while the whisky sleeps, only the angels share will evaporate. The wood itself will remain permeated with wonderful aromatic, flavoursome whisky.

What does all this mean for BlackBarrel Smoking Chips?


Strong, sweet flavours, heady aromas of whisky and the nostalgic heavy smoke of aged oak. Truly the best and most versatile wood for hot smoking.


BlackBarrel Whisky Oak Smoking Chips are best suited for meat that can handle a strong flavour such as red meat, game and pork but are also exceptionally good for hot smoking ‘meaty’ fish and 'meaty' vegetables like butternut squash, pumpkin, tomatoes and peppers.