Hot Smoking using a charcoal BBQ

There are no adaptations required to hot smoke in a barbecue. All you need in addition to the usual barbecue bits ’n’ bobs are BlackBarrel wood chips.


  • Light your charcoal in the usual manner

  • While the charcoal is getting going take your food out of the fridge to come up to room temperature and prepare your wood chips. You can use a smoking tin or just wrap them in a tinfoil parcel with some holes punched in the top.

  • When your charcoal has a grey ash covering, you can add your smoking tin/parcel directly into the coals.

  • Add your food onto the grill above, close the lid and wait!


NB. Remember, this is a long, slow form of cooking at 80-120’ Celsius.  You can expect your food to take twice as long as usual to cook so relax and take the time to enjoy a wee dram to whet your taste buds😊

Should you wish to quickly chargrill your food e.g. steak, you can sprinkle your chips directly onto the coal before you add your food. A lid is not required but you may want to stand down-wind to protect your eyes. 


The jury is still out on whether it is necessary to soak your smoking chips before use.  The nay-sayers argue convincingly that this will only delay the smoking as the chips must steam themselves dry until they can smoulder properly and being smoking.


I respectfully suggest that the steam from the caramelised, whisky-infused, aromatic wood is a tantalising dimension of flavour infused into your food before the firey process of oak smoking begins 😉 Personally, I can’t see anything wrong with that, but I am very interested to hear you views!