Whisky Oak Smoking Chips


Strong, sweet flavours, heady aromas of whisky and the nostalgic heavy smoke of aged oak. Truly the best and most versatile wood for smoking.


We don't want to waste a single drop!

We founded BlackBarrel Chips with a single goal in mind; to find a use for a 'waste' product that would allow everyone to enjoy the taste and aroma of cooking with the luxury product, whisky without wasting the amber nectar itself.  We believe this can be achieved to the satisfaction of every single one of our customers through the age-old technique of 'Smoking'.

Summers spent growing up in a whisky distillery in Scotland mean that the aroma of 'The Water of Life' permeates some of my happiest memories and we believe that you can not fail to be impressed with the culinary result of a BBQ using our high-quality, whisky-soaked, oak smoking chips.  Sweet and Smoky.  You cant beat it!

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